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Mapping Invasive Plants with GPS: Eurasian Milfoil

Aquatechnex specializes in using the latest GIS and GPS technology to identify and treat invasive aquatic plants.   Invasive algae and noxious aquatic weeds are unsightly and may put humans and other native species in danger.   For this reason, having the ability to accurately map invasive plant populations is a critical task in the management of the resource.  Aquatechnex biologists collected GPS observations in the field containing the type of invasive species, growth patterns, and density.  This data is then entered into a GIS software program for further evaluation.  These maps are important baseline for monitoring growth and treatment effectiveness.   Upon evaluation of the GIS models, Aquatechnex along the property managers, or government agencies are able to set strategic priorities and monitor the effects of treatments over time.

Aquatechnex treated Eurasian Milfoil on North Idaho’s Pend Oreille Lake and River this summer.  This is the fourth year of this project and the Eurasian Milfoil populations have been significantly reduced.  One of the key things that needs to happen on a project like this is keeping the public up to date on treatments and water use restrictions.  As this project spans over 60 miles of shoreline, using an interactive map tool on the internet is something that will really help people visualize the location of treatments and the progress of the operation.  Go to to view the project.  There is a zoom in and out tool and you can drag the image around with your mouse to locate an area of interest.  Turn off the toggle tool to clear that side of the screen.  The Blue polygons are areas that will be treated with a granular product, the yellow areas are liquid Triclopyr areas and the Orange areas are liquid Triclopyr on Corps of Engineers project lands.  We will be updating this as the treatment start to show areas not yet treated, those treated with irrigation restrictions and those treated where irrigation restrictions have expired.

Click here for a detailed description on how GPS and GIS technologies were used in this project:  Winning The War on Weeds

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GPS Lake Mapping Verifies Dredging Project

Trent Lewis with Pond Medics, Inc. provided an Arlington, Texas Home Owner Association the validation of knowing a dredging project went as planned.  Pond Medics, a lake mapping partner with The Mapping Network, charted the bottom of the lake before and after the dredging project to monitor the improvements.  Not only was the HOA able to verify the work had been completed properly, they now have a basemap to monitor sediment accumulation over time.  GPS bathymetric mapping is a powerful tool for assisting in management decisions.

Specified areas of sediment removal based on analyzing GPS bathymetric map

Specified areas of sediment removal based on analyzing GPS bathymetric map

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Since 1982, Allied Biological has been an industry leader in providing lake management consulting and wetland restoration solutions. With an experienced, year-round staff comprised of biologists, environmental scientists and aquatic habitat specialists, our company manages and restores more than 20,000 acres of pond, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands using a variety of management techniques.

As the most experienced firm in the northeast, Allied Biological can provide the largest range of holistic lake and wetland services for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our services range from biological assessment, invasive species mapping and management, to wetlands restoration and more.

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Virginia Lake Management Company is a full service lake and pond management company serving Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, providing the most complete array of aquatic products and services in the market, along with long term management solutions to the water quality problems faced by lakes and storm water ponds. We restore the ecological balance to these ponds and provide clients with aesthetically pleasing water features that add to the value and enjoyment of their property, while still promoting sound environmental stewardship principles.

We provide lake and pond management services to homeowner and condominium associations, apartment communities, commercial developments, golf courses, municipal, state, & federally owned lakes, private ponds, fishing and recreational lakes, among others. We specialize in annual lake management programs and offer a bevy of quality products and services for algae treatment, aquatic and invasive vegetation management, fountain and aerator installation and service, GPS mapping and surveying, water quality monitoring and testing, underwater lighting, fisheries management, biological augmentation, wildlife and habitat management services, and much more. We invite you to browse our website today for more information on how our services maintain the aesthetic beauty, ecological balance, and functional integrity of man-made or natural lakes and ponds on your property, regardless of location or use.

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