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Denver, Colorado Lake Bathymetry

The Mapping Network and Absolute Natural Resources teamed up for a mapping project on the southwestern edge of Denver, CO.  The client, Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District, requested the creation of a detailed lake map for understanding true depths, volume analysis and identify areas needed for dredging.

Absolute Natural Resources provides extensive land and habitat GPS mapping services involving the use of complex data collection methods, state of the art GIS and GPS technology and satellite imagery.  Absolute Natural Resources offers a variety of mapping services and products for real estate professionals, private landowners, fishing and hunting clubs, habitat and lake developers, hunting lease managers, timber management firms, and recreational land companies.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Absolute Natural Resources has the experience to handle mapping projects in the steep terrain of the Rocky Mountains to the gentle hills of the Great Plains region.  Common client requests include, but are not limited to, aquatic vegetation beds, wetlands, streams, irrigation canals, inlet and outlet features, dam facilities, habitat structures, boat ramps, fishing piers, duck blinds, waterfowl nests and site-specific channels.

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Aerial map showing color-shaded depth map of the lake.

The Mapping Network:

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GPS Lake Bathymetry – Proven Accuracy and Quality

Virginia Lake Management Company’s Kevin Tucker discusses the many advantages of GPS Lake Mapping:

Do you own or maintain property with a natural or man-made body of water? No matter where you live, or what time of year, if you enjoy nature you no doubt try to take in leisurely strolls around the area lakes. While ponds and lakes offer an aesthetic beauty to any tract of land, it’s important to make certain the water and surrounding areas are properly cleaned and maintained. This means more than just picking up discarded trash around the border and checking for insects and waterfowl. One must go deeper – literally and figuratively. GPS mapping can help.

Why Use GPS Mapping for Lakes

Applying GPS technology to lake and pond management helps in the maintenance and overall environmental health of your property. The more you know about what is happening in your lake, the better for you to discern and solves problems as they arrive. If you are unable to handle full management of water on your own, hiring a professional service to take care of GPS mapping is a must if you want to keep pollution and health hazards off your property.

How will your property benefit from this technology? Take a look at the work involved in GPS mapping:

Bathymetric Surveys – Know the true depths of your water with bathymetry, especially if your lake is large enough to be navigable.

Sedimentation Analysis – It’s important to know the structural integrity of your lake’s floors and borders, and how much vegetation and aquatic life it can sustain.

Dredging Planning – Stagnant water breeds trouble – insects and pollution. Before you dredge and aerate, you must map to know where to get the job done.

Aquatic Vegetation Mapping – Are there plants in your pond that shouldn’t be there? Mapping explores the vegetation in your lake to determine if it is hazardous to the environment.

For the best results in mapping, it’s best to consult with a lake management company equipped with the very latest in GPS mapping technology. Along with standard contour maps, VLM and The Mapping Network create virtual media solutions including a fly-over video and virtual underwater virtual swim-through. With this knowledge, you can add layers of depth to the information you seek to maintain a beautiful lake.

Kevin Tucker is the president of Virginia Lake Management Company, specializing in pond and lake management. VLM also controls pond management interests in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina.

phone: (866) 697-2584


Color-Shaded Depth Map
Color-Shaded Depth Map

The Mapping Network:

A Nationwide Network of GPS Mapping Professionals

GPS Lake Map

GPS Bathymetric Lake Map

Intelligent Dredging with GPS Lake Mapping

Save Significant Money on Dredging Projects!

Integrated Lakes Management (ILM) recently completed a mapping project for a Chicago metro homeowners association.  The purpose of this project involved sediment monitoring for future dredging.  In order to avoid large costs and help property managers budget for sediment removal, ILM located the high priority areas of sediment accumulation and determined the need and location for dredging.  The mapping techniques utilized in this project helps ILM accurately calculate in-situ sediment volume and accumulation over time.  Thus, ILM is able to accurately isolate areas of high sedimentation for removal and help property managers budget accordingly.  This powerful information allows for smart management decisions and will save thousands of dollars in the future.

Map showing sediment depth. Individual depth points and color-shaded depth is shown. A great tool for understanding areas needing sediment removal.
Map showing sediment depth. Individual depth points and color-shaded depth is shown. A great tool for understanding areas needing sediment removal.

More information on Integrated Lakes Management, Inc can be found on their website:

The Mapping Network:

A Nationwide Network of GPS Mapping Professionals