New Jersey Lake Mapping: Before and After Dredging

The Mapping Network and Allied Biological recently completed a lake mapping project for a country club in New Jersey.  The client initially requested the creation of a detailed lake map for understanding true depths, volume analysis and to identify areas needed for dredging.  Upon receiving the results of the lake map, the country club was able to efficiently locate areas for dredging and take control of the bidding process.

After the completion of the dredging portion, the country club immediately remapped the lake to verify the dredging company had taken out the correct amount of material and also to establish a new base map.  The new map will be used to generate a lake management plan for water conservation and future dredging.

The lake mapping process allowed the client to make intelligent decisions on their dredging project and gave them the peace of mind knowing the work has been completed properly.

Since 1982, Allied Biological has been an industry leader in providing lake management consulting and wetland restoration solutions. With an experienced, year-round staff comprised of biologists, environmental scientists and aquatic habitat specialists, our company manages and restores more than 20,000 acres of ponds, lakes, reservoirs and wetlands using a variety of management techniques.Allied Biological provides the largest range of lake and wetland services for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware including:

  • Lake Mapping: bathymetric lake mapping, aquatic vegetation mapping, invasive wetland species mapping
  • Fisheries Management: fisheries studies, fish removal, fish stocking
  • Lake Weed and Algae Control: weed removal through hydro-raking, chemical applications, biomanipulation
  • Consulting Services: water quality assessment, feasibility studies, vegetation management plans, lake management plans
  • Lake Aeration: Freshlake Aeration and floating fountains
  • Wetland Vegetation Control: mechanical removal and chemical applications to control invasive species

For more information about Allied Biological or any of our aquatic restoration & management services, please contact us at 908-850-0303.

In northern New York, please contact us at 607-286-7257.

More information on Allied Biological can be found on their website:

Color shaded depth map showing the pre-dredge (left) and post-dredge (right) lake depths

Color shaded depth map showing the pre-dredge (left) and post-dredge (right) lake depths

The Mapping Network:  The Mapping Network is a nationwide group of professionals providing the highest quality and most affordable bathymetric and land mapping products on the market today. Our staff has been using GIS and GPS technology for land and water services since 1995. Over the years we have developed proprietary technologies for data collection, analysis and map generation. We have shared our technology with a select group of companies throughout the nation to form the largest, most affordable, and highest quality products of its kind.

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