Contour Map: With unmatched detail, a contour map custom-created by The Mapping Network will arm you with the information needed to fully understand the characteristics making up the floor of your lake or pond.

Contour Map

3D Bathymetric Map: A 3D bathymetric map by The Mapping Network provides the ability to easily visualize the environment beneath the water line.

3D Lake Map

Sedimentation Map : Sediment buildup in lakes and ponds is inevitable and the costs associated with removing this sludge are extensive.  Knowing where pockets of high sedimentation are located and the thickness of these deposits allows decision-makers to make educated assessments.  Lake maps created by The Mapping Network provide managers/owners the ability to more precisely locate problem areas, estimate sediment volume and accumulation, and monitor sedimentation levels over a given amount of time to determine is dredging is needed.

Sediment Map

Printing Options: The Mapping Network creates each map project individually with attention to detail and excellent customer service.  We offer our clients several options for the final map including hard copies, digital data, .PDF’s, and web applications for viewing.  Our custom printed maps range from letter size all  the way to large format wall maps.  We also provide several options for the final printing including standard paper, waterproof tough paper, glossy photo-based paper and lamination.  No matter the mapping project, The Mapping Network has the expertise to provide you with the final product best suited for your needs.

Lake Mapping Printing Size Options Land Mapping
Land Mapping Printing Size Options

Utilizing unmatched detail, a 3D bathymetric map of your lake or pond created by The Mapping Network will convey a new way of understanding your resource.  The three video examples below demonstrate our capabilities for providing our clients an extraordinary visualization of their investment.

Fusing  the latest technology trends in GIS and GPS mapping along with highly trained graphical professionals, our bathymetric map of your body of water will be amazingly accurate and also aesthetically enjoyable.




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